Mytho S Wrapper

Atlanta Stretch’s R&D&I department has been working to find a top of the range turntable stretch wrapper, and this is where the Mytho S is born. Efficiency and speed are combined with the possibility of mounting the revolutionary Arya system, capable of converting a semi-automatic machine like the Mytho S into a machine that can wrap pallets almost automatically. Do you want to know more? Read on and we will explain all the processes and options.

Mytho S wrapping machine: modern and futuristic

Italian design and the conception of a machine that would revolutionise the market were the premises of a Mytho S that exceeds all expectations. Thus, under a completely renewed design and colours, there is a column of reinforced guides and also a series of LEDs capable of communicating the status of the machine to the controller at a glance. But the feature that makes the Mytho S an unbeatable stretch wrapper is the Arya system. Haven’t you heard of it yet? It is a revolutionary patented system that allows you to wrap the pallet without pre-tying the film. Unload the pallet and let the machine do the rest. A puff of air will start to apply the film and Mytho S will do the rest… Sounds easy, it is!

The optional extras will make it fit for you

The first option we have talked about is the Arya system, a process that will automate the process to the limit, and that allows not using wearing parts to avoid eventual wear and tear and breakdowns. It can also mount different types of trolleys: FM, FE, PRS and PS with the advantage that you can replace them if your type of packaging evolves or changes over time. If the growth of your business leads you to have to pack more or work with a different type of film? No problem, they are interchangeable and adaptable to Mytho S. The combination of Arya and the dual motor pre-stretch trolley, for example, guarantees a minimum consumption of stretch film and reliable packaging to move your loads. Reduce the amount of film, pack pallets with stretch film, customised film wrappers? You are in the right place.

Mytho S can also assemble:

  • Loading ramp
  • Low profile at ground level
  • Pallet truck entrance
  • Platform with rollers
  • Weighing system
  • Door and window packaging support
  • Automatic film cutting system
  • Top loading presser
  • Reinforcing cord system

A state-of-the-art machine designed for today’s market: efficiency, speed and reliability in a single film wrapping machine.

The Neos wrapping robot also joins the Arya system, find out more here.