Synthex Pallet Wrapper


A step forward in semi-automatic pallet packaging. A pallet wrapper with lots of possibilities for your product. Access for pallet trucks, integrated weight systems, elements that can facilitate your day to day in the warehouse.

Efficiency in wrapping

Not all machines adapt to your product. The Atlanta Synthex provides you with different variables that we will adapt to your needs by looking at the warehouse or the end of the line that you have assembled in your company. Are we going from scratch? Maximum capacity in the minimum possible space. It admits both European and American pallets and you can customize it for every need. Let’s see:

A pallet wrapper adapted to your space

The Atlanta Synthex can act on its own or as part of an end-of-line. The rollers adapt making it versatile, and reaching such heights allows gives it an advantage when wrapping pallets which are not within “normal” height measures. If necessary, we also have an optional pallet truck version, in which the turntable has an access that facilitates the loading and unloading of merchandise.

A Synthex designed for you

The customization possibilities of this semi-automatic wrapper are a great asset. Among our proposals you can find a column for loads up to 3,300mm, a non-motorized roller accessory for the platform, integrated weighing system, an end-of-cycle film cutting system or a packaging system for doors and windows. In addition, you can also assemble the pallet retention clamp. Finally, the machine excels for its ease of use. You can configure it yourself from the control panel: speed of rotation, up and down, up and down cycles … among many others.