Mytho S - Sistema Arya

Mytho S: Allied with your operators

Mytho S: A wrapping machine allied with your operators.

The creation of the Mytho S by Atlanta Stretch was born from the desire to add a “top of the range” machine to the selection of semi-automatic wrapping machines with rotary table. The change of colours and design conceals a machine with more reinforced guides and a series of LED lighting systems that indicate the process the machine is in.

Mytho S + Arya: A unique machine

The introduction of the Arya system, the only system in the packaging world that allows a semi-automatic machine to start the packaging process without the need to tie the plastic to the pallet, has changed the industry. Mytho S becomes the only turntable machine that can incorporate it, thus improving the efficiency of all types of pallet packaging. Arya brings a much more developed system that includes neither compressed air nor mechanical parts whose use entails wear and tear, and ultimately a replacement that generates added costs.

Mytho S - Arya System

At the forefront

The combination of Mytho and Arya means not only efficiency in packing time, but also better ergonomics for warehouse operators. Logistically, it is a step forward in terms of reducing the number of steps in the palletisation process of a product. Atlanta continues to move forward, firmly committed to efficiency in all industrial processes.