Mytho S: Allied with your operators

Mytho S: A wrapping machine allied with your operators. The creation of the Mytho S [...]

Thank you for visiting us at Hispack!

It was a pleasure for our team to receive your visit at Hispack. After a [...]

The multiple forms of Mytho A

What is the Mytho A and what are its features? The Mytho A is one [...]

Atlanta Stretch and Comarme participate in packaging the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

The fight against Covid-19 has taken place on all fronts. With Comarme sealing machines, Atlanta [...]

Mytho A, the versatility of automatic wrappers

From Atlanta Stretch we want to continue reviewing the success stories that we have presented [...]

Apply corner pieces with the Omega from Atlanta Stretch

Concern for product safety is one of the key points when choosing an automatic wrapper. [...]

Success story. The Revolution wrapping lightweight packages

At Atlanta Stretch we always work on site so that we can adapt all our [...]

Atlanta Stretch opens its new headquarters in

This weekend. The team from Atlanta Stretch Ibérica were at their new offices in Poggio Torriana [...]

Automatic wrappers for your end of line

Atlanta Stretch look for different ideas which will adapt to all kinds of industrial facilities. [...]

Stainless steel film wrappers

Why do we manufacture stretch film wrappers in stainless Steel? International sanitary requirements for machinery [...]