Atlanta Stretch and Comarme participate in packaging the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

The fight against Covid-19 has taken place on all fronts. With Comarme sealing machines, Atlanta Stretch has been collaborating with this issue from a logistics point of view. Vaccine packaging and protection is a process that requires the utmost care. Pfizer required Comarme machinery to ensure the vaccine is shipped to the entire European continent. The 40 kg boxes require stable packaging and also the guarantee of inviolability generated by sealing.

Machinery adapted to different needs

Pfizer’s requirements have been the basis for adapting all machinery to the needs of this long-awaited product. The Atlanta Stretch headquarters in Poggio Torriana, Italy, explain that in this case we are talking about a special model to meet all the specific needs in the packaging phase of the Covid-19 vaccine. In this specific case, Comarme closes the “soft-boxes” designed by Pfizer in Belgium for said transport.

Contents of this magnitude require up to three sealing phases, two of them strengthened. The ability to adapt our machinery to each client has been key to being part of this important chain of work. Therefore, from Atlanta Stretch we are very happy to contribute our efforts to fight the pandemic.