The multiple forms of Mytho A

What is the Mytho A and what are its features? The Mytho A is one of Atlanta Stretch’s automatic stretch wrappers. The versatility of this machine is its strong point and it can be adapted to all kinds of packaging needs. It can handle loads up to 2000 kg and wrap different pallet types. But it is not only the numbers that make it unbeatable, but also the range of accessories it can incorporate.

Unbeatable with accessories

The idea of the Atlanta Stretch automatic machines is to create an end-of-line packaging machine that adapts to your requirements as closely as possible. Every company is a different world, packs different products and requires speeds and finishes that are completely adapted to the product. This is where Atlanta Stretch makes the difference in your warehouse.

Maximum adaptability

As we have already mentioned, Mytho A has a series of accessories that make it a different machine in each case. In this sense it has:

  • Stretch film welding system.
  • Possibility of lacing system for reinforcement.
  • Cardboard application system at the bottom.
  • Film clamping and cutting system.
  • Top cover (1st video).
  • Upper presser (1st video).