Mytho A, the versatility of automatic wrappers

From Atlanta Stretch we want to continue reviewing the success stories that we have presented to our clients. The engineering and design team are always working to adapt packaging machinery to the needs of each client. In this case we will see how the Mytho A adapts to different types of line.

The Mytho A is one of the most efficient stretch wrappers at Atlanta Stretch. It is a column wrapper with a 1800mm diameter platform, although we can optionally adapt it up to 2200mm in diameter. Regarding its height, it is a very versatile option, ranging from 2500mm in height in its standard version, up to the option of 3 metres in height. It supports loads up to 3000 kg.

Envolvedora de pallets Mytho A

Mytho A: one machine, lots of possibilities

One of the strengths of the Mytho is its versatility. In the cases we have seen, we can identify a crucial element in protection when wrapping pallets with stretch film. If we look at the video we see:

  • Gripper and cutting system: At the end of packaging, the machine itself is in charge of holding the film to cut and seal it. This ends the process and leaves the pallet ready to travel. This system allows the end of the operation to be totally autonomous. The operator is not involved at all in the cutting of the film.

Mytho A: Accessories

In addition to these options, different accessories can be attached to the Mytho A to make it a machine for every situation. Its options include:

  • Gripper: This system allows the load to be repositioned and held during packing. It ensures the balance and strength of the packaging once film has been applied.
  • Integrated weighing system: The system allows the incorporation of a scale to weigh the pallets.
  • Cord device: With this device you can create a cord to secure the pallet when packing is finished. Thanks to this, further strengthening is achieved and the load is secured to a much greater extent.

We are talking about a versatile machine which adapts to different industries and sectors, so do not hesitate and contact us for all the technical details.

You can find out all the details for the Atlanta Stretch Mytho A in the technical specifications for the machine by clicking HERE.