We present you with the EVA: The new pallet wrapper from Atlanta.

Working on entry ranges to the brand is one of the new developments this year at Atlanta. In Hispack 2018 the Lybra Easy was presented and the EVA is here to do the same, but in turntable wrappers. If you already know the Synthesi or the Synthex, the EVA will sound familiar. A summary would be a column pallet wrapping machine that allows you to palletize semi-automatically. If you are looking for comfort and ease when palletizing your product, here is our suggestion.

One pallet wrapper, lots of ways to go about it

Despite being an “entry-model”, the EVA is a machine that offers you everything you need. Among its accessories: tables that accept 800 × 1200 mm or 1000 × 12000 mm pallets, as well as 1000 × 12000 pallets with the pallet truck accessory. If your problem is access to a load, why pack pallets with an electric forklift or pallet jack when this accessory allows you to handle and move the load without any problems.

All of this is done so quickly and intuitively, always with the convenience of easy wrapping in mind. The system is managed by an intuitive operating panel which is designed to have a positive influence on the whole process. If you want more or less tension in one area of ​​the pallet, vary the speed of the carriage up or down or apply a top cover… EVA will be on your side to show you how Atlanta Stretch Ibérica semi-automaticmachines behave.

We want to be your end of line

The goal of Atlanta Stretch is to offer you our services so that you increase your efficiency. Packing a pallet of stretch film fast not only gives you efficiency, it helps your entire end of line to always be100% optimized. Performance is important, and our machines open up a range of possibilities aimed at increasing your pallets / hour. In addition, we can automate any proposal you want us to. Find all of the information about the new EVA here.