Mytho Pallet Wrapper A Column

Atlanta Stretch’s automatic section is committed to efficiency and high quality when it comes to wrapping. The Mytho A column pallet wrapper breaks standards and works with loads of up to 2000 kg. and European and American pallet wrapping. Its accessories make it an essential element in an end-of-line where speed and precision are essential.

The column

The column of the Mytho A makes it durable and efficient. It is an element that extends to a height of 2.2 metres and a rotary table with maximum weights of up to 2000 kg. The column can be fitted with different heads depending on your needs: FE, PRS or PS. The Mytho A stands out not only for its column, but also for its dimensions. The column allows you to minimise wear and tear on the machine, which makes it a great candidate for adapting to any line, making it easy to adapt to different types of product and pallet.

Mytho Double: More production in less time

One of the keys to packing pallets is to do it faster. If you opt for the column model, the optional double carriage of the Mytho A makes it one of the best exponents of productivity. Here, more is more, and the double carriage allows for much faster wrapping. You can also equip it with the Mytho Station to perfect your end of line.

Unbeatable in its accessories

The Mytho A column pallet wrapper is automatic and has different systems designed for all cases. The stretch film sealing system can be self-regulating to fix the stretch film to the load. More grip? The cord system, which is also adjustable, allows you to ensure stability. On the other hand, the clamp and cutter ensure efficiency by cutting the film once the packaging is finished. The safety of the pallet is the most important thing, and for that we have the top cover, covering the top part in an airtight way. Or also in a system of corner protectors, which will protect your load until it reaches the customer.