Mytho Station pallet wrapper

Mytho Station wrapping machine

Mytho Station adapts to you and your end of line to give efficiency to pallet packing in your warehouse. If you are worried about height or instability, this is the solution. It is manufactured with an arm or column and is very easy to attach to your installation.

Control Panel

The control system of the Mytho Station pallet wrapper is very easy to operate and has 99 different predefined wrapping cycles. The system allows programming an unlimited number of actions.

Spool Carriage

The MYTHO STATION wrapper is easy to use and equipped as standard with an FE carriage with electromechanical brake which is adjustable from the control panel. It can also be equipped with spool carriages with PRS (150, 200, 250%) and PS motorized pre-stretch systems (from 120 to 350%).


The MYTHO STATION wrapper is equipped as standard with a 1,800 mm diameter platform that can support up to 1,500 kg. of weight.