Marathon manual pallet wrapper

The Atlanta Stretch Marathon is a mobile manual pallet wrapping machine. Today, many companies and warehouses continue to pack their pallets manually, and this not only affects working time, but also future injuries to the operator. Marathon is here to solve these types of problems with a simple but infallible system that promises clamping and a perfect application on your palletizing.

Being at the forefront of packaging machinery allows our engineers to develop new proposals for your end of line. If you have a low or medium amount of packing, Marathon will be a great ally for your operators. We present you the most exclusive manual pallet wrapper on the market.

What are the advantages of the Marathon wrapper?

Marathon is a fully manual mobile machine.

  • Very short learning curve.
  • Capable of handling loads of any shape and weight.
  • Manual movement, easy and light.
  • It has no electrical parts or motor.
  • Simple functions.
  • Apply pre-stretched material.