SFERA Easy Column pallet wrapping robot


Management of a workspace and security are two very important points in warehouses nowadays. The Sfera Easy pallet wrapping robot emerges as a machine which adapts perfectly to these standards. Its main feature is that of being independent when packing. The operator places the Sfera Easy at the starting point and the robot does the rest.

Sfera Easy: a versatile pallet wrapping robot

The Sfera base model can pack any type of pallet, from small to large packages. It is able to pack sizes from just a quarter of a pallet to a large swimming-pool. From the first moment, Sfera Easy promises film saving and efficiency when it comes to use. Each client can customize their machine adapting it to their needs. Meaning that this pallet wrapping robot can incorporate double motor pre-stretch carriages, PRS or PS carriages with a single or double motor.

Easy handling, guaranteed success

Using the robot is very intuitive for an operator. First of all, the handlebar allows you to comfortably drag it into position with two directional buttons. Once placed in front of the pallet, it will be in charge of detecting the size and packing comfortably. With the touch panel you can define all the wrapping parameters with more than 90 memorizable programs. The column version allows a standard packing height of up to 2.2 metres, although it has an option of going up to 3.5 metres in height.

Extra options: A unique robot

In addition to the variations mentioned, the Sfera Easy Columna has different features according to your needs and those of your product:

  • Electric brake carriage
  • Mechanical brake carriage
  • Roping system
  • Clamp and cut system