Mytho auto – Pallet wrapper

MYTHO auto pallet wrapper

MYTHO AUTO is a simple and reliable off-line semi-automatic rotary table wrapper, equipped with an interchangeable spool carriage and an automatic stretch film clamping, cutting and welding system. It wraps palletized loads for European and American pallets with a maximum diameter and weight of 2,200 mm and 2,000 kg.

Control Panel

The MYTHO AUTO wrapper is equipped with a very intuitive and efficient multifunction programmable control panel.

Spool Carriage

The MYTHO AUTO wrapper is equipped as standard with an FE spool carriage with electromechanical brake. It is also possible to install PRS and PS pre-stretch spool carriages with pre-stretch up to 350%.

Rotary table

MYTHO AUTO comes equipped as standard with a 1,800 mm platform. in diameter, although a larger one of up to 2,200 mm can be assembled.

Clamp and cut system

As an option, an automatic clamp cutting and welding system for the stretch film can be assembled to the MYTHO AUTO wrapper.