Neos wrapping robot

Atlanta Stretch wanted to add the Neos wrapping robot to the series of self-propelled wrapping robots. This model is at the top of its range and is the only robot that can be equipped with the Arya system. A new patented technology that makes the wrapping process fully automatic. Neos represents a major innovation in the field of semi-automatic wrapping machines. It is the only wrapping robot that does not require operator intervention to tie the film to the pallet, nor any compressed air system or mechanical options that can cause wear and tear. To discover the patented Arya system, click here.

The future is Neos

Neos comes with a design that completely breaks with the past: its captivating lines give a strong character to the new Atlanta Stretch stretch wrapping robot. Neos actually inherits all the know-how of Atlanta Stretch. It has all the features and options of the Sfera series: it offers a choice of FM, FE, PRS and PS trolleys. Moreover, they can even be replaced after purchase to meet the customer’s requirements for a machine upgrade. With the dual-motor PS pre-stretch carriage, Neos can guarantee minimum film consumption and maximum reliability in the wrapping machine market.

Neos wrapping robot: at the cutting edge

Compared to the Sfera series, Neos has increased battery capacity up to 120A, and the new interface with 7-inch touch screen panel, which can be programmed quickly and easily. In addition, LEDs indicate the status of the machine at all times. The combination of PS trolley and Arya system, Neos is the innovative robot that the market was waiting for.