Mytho Arm – Automatic pallet wrapper


The Mytho Arm combines the best of packaging robots with the turntable system of an automatic pallet wrapper. The Mytho incorporates an arm that allows the packing of large and irregular pallets with both standard and macro-perforated film. Does it suit you? Wait to see all the accessories we have prepared for you.

The patented arm system

The Mytho arm is an improvement in the wrapper market. The first thing is saving space: in your warehouse each metre is important, and we have worked to save money. Moving is quick and easy, and assembly requires no specialization; it arrives, you assemble and start packing. Of course, the Mytho follows the general aim of Atlanta Stretch, that of creating systems without the need for maintenance or guided and greased mechanisms.

A custom-made pallet wrapper

Another feature of Atlanta when creating pallet wrapping machines is customization. If you need a clamp to retain the pallet, incorporate a column to reach more than three meters or work with a film cutting system, you can do it. If your company needs to pack doors and windows, we also have the solution. Weights and calculations? Our systems integrate proposals for the weighing of both film and the merchandise. Everything you expect from an automatic pallet wrapper can be found in the Mytho from Atlanta Stretch.