Synthesi LP semi-automatic pallet wrapper


The low profile of the Synthesi Low Profile makes it the lowest profile pallet wrapper on the market. Only a few centimetres from the ground, it is your best bet for handling your products with all kinds of forklifts, dollies or pallet trucks. Optional ramps make it a very interesting machine for those who need different access points to the machine in their warehouse. Looking for speed? Get the Low Profile from Atlanta Stretch.

Be daring with any shape or height.

One of the best qualities of the Synthesi Low Profile is how it adapts to the environment. Its large 1500-millimetre turntable allows you to pack European and American pallets with a height that exceeds two meters and a maximum load of 1500 kg. Regarding the film, the Synthesi LP has different types of heads ready to pack with macro-perforated or standard stretch film. Therefore, it is an all-round machine, suitable for all your needs.

A pallet wrapper adapted to your space

Not much space? Pallet truck access? Years with the Synthesi have led us to create different accessories that are perfect for what you need: low profile, 360-degree access ramps. By creating the Low Profile system, it is not necessary to install it in the floor. Many of these models have to be installed at floor level and require building work. With this new thickness access to the machine with pallet trucks or forklifts is much easier, and can be done from all points of the machine with no manoeuvring.

Easy to install

The Synthesi wrapper requires a few simple steps to begin. The machine will arrive at your facilities folded, just assemble the column, adjust the stretch film to pack and… voilà! start packing. With this system you save installation and adjustment time, but always with the support of our technical team, who will help you at all times with any questions you may have. If you want to wrap pallets safely and quickly, Synthesi is what you are looking for. Are you interested? You can’t decide? Here is our special article on rotary table wrapping machines.