SFERA Easy Arm Film Wrapping Robot


Sfera Easy is a leader in the film wrapping robot segment. Thanks to its small size it is easy to move, store and use. The operator has all the comforts in a machine of this type. The learning curve is very short and from the moment of receipt you just have to unpack and start it up. Moving a pallet wrapper has never been easier.

A film wrapping robot Designed for heights

The Sfera Easy Arm is designed to reach the top of tall pallets without a problem. The articulated arm of the machine can be equipped with FM, FE, PRS and PS heads, which allows you to pack with any type of stretch film, whether macro-perforated or standard. With a height of up to 2,400mm this easily competes as one of the most advanced robots in its range on the market.

Ready to work

Are you looking for an efficient packaging machine that takes up little space? Sfera Easy is your wrapper. It packs pallets in less than a minute and does not need installation, you receive it in your warehouse and it will be ready to act. The Sfera Easy Touch II system is a simplified control panel that will allow you to easily manage up to 99 predefined work programs and program your own actions.

Do you know the best thing about it? It is a machine that does not need maintenance or greasing. Receive, tear off and wrap.